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Brute force analysis by Monte calro simulation

Do you like your multivariate optimization problem?
I like it. I'm thrilled.
Multivariate optimization is the battle of the combinatorial explosion.
But now the computer is fast.
Smart optimization algorithm There are many. 
But we need time and effort for implement.
You can really easy to implement if you apply brute force by the Monte Carlo.
Moreover, if realistically solvable problem of modern computer, there are many.
I feel that it is better to actively apply brute force more you have the power.

Monte calro simulation for tolerance analysis

I am applying the Monte Carlo method to the analysis of the geometric error of the parts as a mechanical design engineer.
If the model can be represented by a linear combination it can be easily analyzed in the RSS.
However, in the case represent a linear combination of such rotation, RSS is troublesome.
I feel that it is easier to towards the Monte Carlo method.
Do everyone has applied the Monte Carlo to the business?

SELF INTRO. -Yuya Yamada-

I am the adrenaline junkie. 
Bike and running and meditation and public speaking are just a means to actively neurotransmitter.
  1. Running: Full marathon once finish, Half Marathon three times finish, Triathlon 3 times.
  2. Cycling: There is an experience that ran the 380km per day at the maximum
  3. Motorcycle; There is a experience of 16 years and 300,000 kilometers.
  4. Programing: It started at the time of the elementary school.
I got a 1st child last month. I am enjoying child care everyday.
My dream is to create a framework for mechanical design by artificial intelligence.
I'm studying English in the LinkedIn. Reasons are follows:
My dream is spread a idea of ZEN sprit such as a meditation.
I want to publish a book in English, 
I want to challenge the presentation at TED.

So playing linkedin is the first step for realizing the dream. 

I work in the semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry.
8 years (2008-Now) experience in R&D work of mechanical engineer 
It Mainly focuses for 'Material Handling robot' for Factory automation.
I am a professional of IC-chip handling and Testing (inspection)
My responsibility is the following
  1. handling positioning accuracy.
  2. Vision measurement technology including system calibration. 
  3. Ultra compact actuator:: On hand size XYT stage.
  4. Huge axis realtime control:: over 1000 axis(DOF)
  5. Concept Design, System Design & Mechanical design.
  6. Evaluation, analysis, trouble shooting, Technical decision making.
  7. Technology transfer to oversea factory for production.
  8. Technology transfer to Field service team for customer support.

This jobs goal is provide a excellent Testing solution for the ATE market
 ATE; Automatic Testing Equipment, ATE Market size is 5 billion.

2 years (2006-2008) experience of System Engineer and Technical sales in campus venture
I develop a software for Automatic mechanical design with rich GUI. 
Implementation was C++ / Genetic algorithm. I know well about field of optimization

1 year (2008) experience of bartender (part time)

2 year (2005-2006) experience of the cram school teacher for junior high school students (part time)


  • Technical Documentation / Technical Reporting / Public Speaking / Technical Presentations
  • Mathmatics (analysis, linear algebra, statistics, optimization)
  • Physics (Dynamics, Mechanics, modrn control theory)
  • Microsoft Office : Excel, Word, Powerpoint
  • Material Handling, Factory automation robotics
  • 3D­CAD : Siemens NX
    NOTE: Is an essential element to the study of the details. It is also required at case of Simulation.
  • 2D­CAD : Cadra
    NOTE: It is important to consider / planning the machine in a two­dimensional as a assembly drawing. For example, such as the "Area­master(top view, XY planning)" and "Height­master(Front / Side view, Z planning)", it is possible to accurately summarize the abstract information.
  • Programming(C++,python), Visual studio C++, Data visualization
  • Monte calro simulation for Tolerance analysis, Optimization, Yield analysis
  • FEM for Thermal,Fluid analysis, Structural analysis
  • Taguchi’s method (quality engineering)
  • Automotive engineering.
    I as a student, I have a experience as a Technical director in the Student Formula.


  • Computer simulation solver design (I like computational physics.)
  • Computer Vision (mesurement a position by template matching)
  • Unix / Linux / mac OS
  • Embedded System (arduino, AVR)
  • Solidworks, Solid Edge, Draftsight
  • C#, ruby,
  • Deep learning (I have been studying as a hobby. Not yet a practical level.)
  • English


I believe in Zen Buddhism. To concentrate properly everything my life by doing meditation. I have a curiosity and passion to spend the gentle life without confusion.
Complexity believe evil. If complexity is your problem, it's not enough thinking. I try to do of organize to grasp the whole picture of the complicated things.
I believe cherish the mathematics and physics.
I think cherish be solved by modeling the phenomenon. I believe everything can modeling.
I value communication. The reason is because I am an expert.
Experts, There is a responsibility to demystify around a professional thing.
My hobby is motorcycle and bicycle. Meditation is my life.
My dream is to create a framework for mechanical design by artificial intelligence.

Experiment report: World behaves exponentially

Everyone knows the concept of interest rates. Money show an exponential behavior. This mean that all the worth shows an exponential behavior in time-domain. I believe that it is the concept that can be generalized in all of this.

Newton invented Dynamics. Dynamics is one of physics that handling the time as a parameter. Also Einstein noticed that the world has been filled with partial differential equations and the tensor.

Design of Experiment: BACKGROUND

I thought that it is possible to verify these also in linked-in. So I decided to experiment. Metrics provide by the linked-in. I assumed to show an exponential behavior in the time domain.

All of the macro world has been described by partial differential equations with tensor.
Partial differential equation is approximated to the ordinary differential equations in a good approximation, such as FEM.
Ordinary differential equation can be approximated to a constant coefficient differential equations in appropriate approximation.
Solution of constant coefficient standing differential equations's exponential.
So, the dynamic behavior of the world is described by an exponential function.


I hypothesized that linkedIn presence of mine also becomes exponential behavior


I carry out the experiment and brilliantly proved the hypothesis.

I noticed that it is exponentially all dynamic behavior in the point of view of the time variable had a great impact on my life as follows:

The importance of long-term perspective Importance of investment.
Wide range of applications of the concept of interest rates
How achieve an exponential growth
What is the leverage. Not only money, What is the leverage of the effort


The future is described by an exponential function. If aware of it life will be more thoughtful. This is one of the example of the most simplification in the method of approximating the world.

Business tips: How to discover,develop a Japan business


Today, I achieved over 1,000 connection in LinkedIn. This is a kind of experiment in my life. and It's a start of experiment of What's happen when Maximize a presence of LinkedIn.

I send a message each friend in LinkedIn as much as possible. Probably 20% friend give me a reply. and they ask me some question. The most frequently asked questions was how to enter into the business in Japan?


This document suggest that where should approach when you start a business in Japan at first


You should use of TECHNICAL TRADING COMPANY in japan.

TRADING COMPANY is a Japanese business culture. In order to facilitate the BtoB business, it is in many cases to mediate the trading company in Japan of the business.

if you seach in google, recommnd keyword is 専門商社 or 技術商社

WHY TRADING COMPANY usefull in japan

They're expert business group with a technical background

They provide us the following.

  • Purchasing function: cost/LT issue control
  • fullfilment: such as management of inventory, warehouse
  • Technical consultant support: They helps us solve problems of trouble.
  • Clerical work of logistics and import and export

You should ask to Trading company If you facing a challenge the following,

  • Procurement issue.
  • Looking for business patner such as a distributer

Finally. I show example of Technical trading company

  • http://www.nichiden.com/sitemap/24_index_en.html
  • http://www.y-nt.co.jp/company.html
  • http://www.midoriya-techno.co.jp/
  • http://www.daitron.co.jp/en/index.html

What 3 regions would recommend in Japan.

Hello all.
I try to publish a Japanese tourist destination to recommend personally to everyone. This is based on my experience traveling by motorcycle 16year / 300,000km.

HARUNA SHRINE https://goo.gl/maps/UBi6xpCirZz

First place of recommending related to Japanese history.
In Japan, there are two religions. It is closely related to the Japanese culture.

Shinto: related to the Shrine
Rustic religion from primitive times in Japan. It began to treat an emperor as God gradually. It was as closely related to the emperor from the middle. This is the basis of the ancestor worship.

Buddhism: related to the Temple
Buddhism was fused with Shinto and handed down to Japan from Korea in 552.
A result of the fusion of Shinto, There is a difference about a culture that compare with other east Asian Buddhism.

Once upon a time the Shinto and Buddhism had been fused. It was divided at the government policy about 200 years ago. Those religions have been divided when the power was transferred to the emperor. Culture to important Shinto than Buddhism lasted until the end of the WW2. This shrine is from before the Shinto and Buddhism is divided from 1400 years ago. It is a good teaching material to deeply know the history of Japan.
I like to go to the shrine. I believe that this shrine is the No.1 in Japan.

TATEYAMA - KUROBE ARIA https://goo.gl/maps/u9FPiceR9cn

See also bellow http://www.alpen-route.com/en/

2nd place of recommending related to Japanese nature.
This area is called the Northern Alps. Mountain more than 3000m is majestic. There is a snow cover of more than 10m. At Winter, We cannot reach this area, because deep snow. When you go in the spring, it is a Woah snow wall.
This is a great place to experience the majestic nature of Japan.
The picture in this document is near here.

Around HAMAMATSU-city https://goo.gl/maps/fwpJNyM4QTx

3rd place of recommending related to Japanese culture.

Motorization of Japan began here.
YAMAHA, HONDA, SUZUKI, was born in this city. And most of the bikes of Japan were born in this area except Kawasaki. Facing the Pacific Ocean. Here is warm under the influence of the warm current. I like tropical atmosphere. Eel Kabayaki is famous. It's so delicious. There are a lot of great driving courses.
In particular, it is exhilarating to drive the IRAGO cape.

The featured Japan spot is over.
I have gathered information that you can't be reached in the books and the Internet as much as possible.

If your reference I'm glad.

Best regard

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The All will be in the BOM and SUM

What is the most important output of hardware engineers?
There is a possibility that the various answer exists to this question.
E.g. Specifications, Drawing, assembly planing on a CAD.

However, I'm sure BOM is the most important output as engineer.

Engineers will work with the various departments in the company.
It is important to cooperate with them. For example, sales, manufacturing, Purchasing. Relevant departments proceed with the work based on all BOM  that was created by engineers. BOM  is the basis of all of the work in the manufacturing industry.

BOM can be generalized by simply referred to as a list.
the BOM will be able to manage all information.
Such as Cost, quantity, lead time, QCD is can be managed by using BOM.
It is important to think about what to put on the BOM item.
This sense of engineers is important.

By placing the exhaustive information on the BOM to be a master,
Everything will be able to visualize, searchable, and can be filtering.
I think that the BOM is first starting point to cross-analysis for the product. 
To proceed efficiently in the development of hardware is important the following idea.
  • MECE (there is no missing, there is no overlap) should be a list. It should be Data Cleansing
  • Never adulteration to human error and mechanically generated, automatically. You should take advantage of, such as CAD, scripting language.
  • Thorough centralized management ensure the master data.

BOM can try a variety of ideas by expanding freely.
The quality of the design will be able to improve by leveraging to actively applying  in the design the BOM.

Engineers sometimes have a misunderstanding, such as the following.
BOM make for the downstream processes (such as manufacturing and purchasing.).
I propose to take advantage of the BOM in the upstream of the process (feasibility study and concept design).

There are many means to create a BOM
For example, a spreadsheet, a relational database.
A necessary function is, search, sort, filter, SUM.
Nonlinear operations such as trigonometric function is not required.
All items of BOM should be a calculated parameters describe in SUM.
Many engineers would be feel boring in SUM.
Many people who want to express complex mathematical functions and calculus is exist.

But, it is dangerous to leave a non-linear and complexity.

Any complex parameters can be represented in SUM by making full use of mathematical techniques.
E.g. Mapping and coordinate transformation, geometric.

For example the error (or tolerance), 
You can not calculate by SUM, if you represent by the standard deviation, 
But it is possible operation by SUM if it be expressed in the variance.

if you use the idea of the loss function in quality engineering, 
Any parameter can be representable in terms of Monetary value.
If we also discussed in the dimension of the energy, complex phenomenon can be converted to the SUM.

The Conclusion is as follows.
  • If full use of mathematics and physics, It is possible to convert a complex phenomenon in SUM.
  • Any parameters become enabled handling in the SUM. Then, it can be well consolidated in the BOM efficient.And it realizes a Cross-cutting analysis. The reason is searchable, it can be filtering, easy to visualize.
  • Thorough centralized management improve efficiency in the BOM.
  • First, Create a BOM in the upstream of the design process. It is the ultimate front-loading development to design with aggressively BOM.
  • This concept is valid for hardware development.

Japanese religion that Japanese does not know

The Japanese people do not know the religion in systematic.
One of the reason is because education of religion is prohibited at compulsory education. This historical background is deeply involved
But, religion are closely related Japanese life and culture.
When you traveling to Japan, You'll have the opportunity to see shrine or temple . If you understand the background of Japanese religions at that time, It is possible to more interesting journey.
This is the meaning to write this article.
In Japan, there are two religions.
SHINTO: related to the SHRINE
Rustic religion from primitive times in Japan. This is the basis of the ancestor worship. The first concept is polytheism. It was worship ancestors and nature. It was as closely related to the emperor from the middle. The concept has changed before more than 1000 years. It began to treat an emperor as supernatural gradually.There is a political background.
BUDDHISM: related to the TEMPLE
Theravada Buddhism have been handed down to Japan from Korea in 552. Theravada Buddhism is popular in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand and Myanmar. It is difficult to explain the difference between Mahayana Buddhism and Theravada Buddhist concept. My understanding is as follows.
  • Mahayana Buddhism: popularization, happy populism, everyone
  • Theravada Buddhism: Happiness is grab in the effort and training.
Buddhism was fused with Shinto. A result of the fusion of Shinto, There is a difference about a culture that compare with other east Asian Buddhism.
Buddhism has made its own evolution in Japan.
The first change point is HEIAN era Buddhism. Various sects was born based in Mt. Hiei around Kyoto. This evolution mean a fusion of Mahayana Buddhism and Hinduism (esoteric).
The next evolution is KAMAKURA era Buddhism. This was involved a SAMURAI. It includ Zen spirits. Zen spirit was handed down from China.
At the time, Zen was popular among SAMURAI.
Zen is an emphasis on meditation. And importance to the practice of meditation than the fine doctrine. Teach to be able to experience the doctrine in meditation. Importance of meditation is now clear.
BTW, I am Buddhist. I like Zen of Kamakura Buddhism.
Once upon a time the Shinto and Buddhism had been fused. but, it was divided at the government policy about 200 years ago. Those religions have been divided when the power was transferred to the emperor. And this is a start of Buddhism crackdown. Culture to important Shinto than Buddhism lasted until the end of the WW2. Emperor has declared to be He is human (not a super natural) myself.
Religion many times was turned over in Japan. 
  • crackdown of the Meiji era
  • The separation of church and state policy after the WW2
  • Prohibition of religious education in the compulsory education
This is the reason why the Japanese are spoiled to religion.
Japanese does not specifically aware of the religion.
However, Japanese are always finding the supernatural in everything.
And worship unconsciously.
Japanese is not a monotheistic religion. Japanese culture is polytheism.
This is one of the reasons for the Japanese is RELATIVISM.
Japanese believes that there is no absolute standard in the world. This is a big difference between the culture of monotheism.
This is the Japanese religious outlook.

The Heart of the Prajna-paramita: 般若波羅蜜多心経

Here, all dharmas are marked with emptiness. 
Concentrate properly. Grasp the whole picture. Stay simply.
You will be able to get the Heart of the Perfect Understanding. 

Simplrize, summarizing the essence of Mahayana Buddhism will be above.
I am an engineer. I like the natural sciences.
I feel fun to solve the real problem by applying the natural sciences.
BTW, Philosophy as my engineer is the following.
  • Complexity believe evil. If complexity is your problem, it's not enough thinking. Summarize is the most important thing in order to save the memory of the brain.
  • I try to do of organize to grasp the whole picture of the complicated things.
  • I believe cherish the mathematics and physics. I think cherish be solved by modeling the phenomenon. I believe everything can modeling.
  • I believe that if perfectly understanding, the world is simple.
  • I believe that the once Physical laws has completed, World can be described with a single loose-leaf.
These my philosophy is based on Zen Buddhism.

Buddhism of the essence is not a religion, is exactly the philosophy.
Buddhism was gradually incorporating the elements of deity.
It is the result of the fusion of the Hindu.

Buddhism emphasizes the emptiness.
So first of Buddhism is not even mentioned the existence of deity.
I like the primitive Buddhism. Because it's a great philosophy.

The Heart of the Prajna-paramita: 般若心経

Short and simple, but It is one of the essential Buddhist scriptures.
You would not be a Buddhist. However, it is good as educated to know this exists.
This emphasizes the relativism. It assertion that all of things is dependent on the subjective.

Prajna-paramita:智慧の完成, 般若波羅蜜多

The Perfect Understanding. Sanskrit.
Buddhism is important that you understand the world.
However, it is important to understand the human point of view as a reference. However, natural science, which was developed in the West does not do to human standards. It is a cultural contrast to.

The Heart of the Prajna-paramita, English translation

The Bodhisattva Avalokita (観自在菩薩: famous deity)
while moving in the deep course of Perfect Understanding,
shed light on the five skandhas and found them equally empty.
After this penetration, he overcame all pain.
`Listen, Shariputura (Buddha's disciples), form is emptiness, emptiness is form.
Form does not differ from emptiness, emptiness does not differ from form.
The same is true with feelings, perceptions, mental formations , and consciousness.
Here, Shariputra, all dharmas are marked with emptiness;
they are neither produced nor destroyed,
neither defiled nor immaculate, neither increasing nor decreasing.
Therefore, in emptiness there is neither form,
nor feeling, nor perception, nor mental formations, nor consciousness;
no eye, or ear, or nose, or tongue, or body, or mind, no form,
no sound, no smell, no taste, no touch, no object of mind;
no reams of element (from eye to mind consciousness);
no interdependent origins and no extinction of them (from ignorance to old age and death); 
no suffering, no origination of suffering, no extinction of suffering,
no path; no understanding, no attainment.
`Because there is no attainment, the bodhisattvas,
supported by the Perfect of Understanding, find no obstacles for the minds.
Having no obstacles, they overcome fear,
liberating themselves forever from illusion and realizing perfect Nirvana.
All Buddhas in the past, present , and future, thanks to this Perfect Understanding,
arrive at full, right and universal Enlightenment.
`Therefore, one should know that Perfect Understanding is a great mantra,
is the highest mantra, is the unequalled mantra,
the destroyer of all suffering, the incorruptible truth.
A mantra of Prajna-paramita should therefore be proclaimed.
This is the mantra:
`Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha.`